Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Big Blue Test and the Month of November

Any chance you remember this post, where I talked a bit about being diagnosed with Type One Diabetes when I was just six years old? I know, I know- this has nothing to do with crafts or being a boy Mom or the normal things I post about, but I really wanted to share a little somethin' about November being Diabetes Awareness Month and even what anyone can do to make a difference in the next week :)

Ya know what question I get asked more than any other whenever being diabetic gets brought up with anyone besides family? "What do mean 'Type One'?" I'll never just say, "I have diabetes," because thats just too vague anymore. Did you know there is more than one kind of diabetes? And that they are different in some really big ways?

I'm not diabetic because I sat on the couch all day long or ate too much sugar.
I don't get to just take a pill and be done for the day.
It was out of my control to prevent.
Type One diabetes means my pancreas-
the organ inside us that deals with turning food into energy correctly-
just stopped working. It wasn't overworked.
I had chicken pox and not too long later, I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.

I searched for an infographic to show some differences between Type One and Two better. This one isn't great, but I liked that it spelled out the prevention issue:

And did you catch it- World Diabetes Day is November 14! In the week until then, the Diabetic Hands Foundation is working to get at least 20,000 entries in a cool effort called the Big Blue Test...

Do you exercise at least 14 minutes in a day, maybe even more than once? And not like going to the gym or on a run even... breaking a sweat vacuuming or taking a walk around the block are enough. If you go the The Big Blue Test and enter a few of your exercise details, that entry can equal money to help diabetics in need.

That infographic above doesn't include much info about the cost of diabetes, but it goes without saying that it's no small number. $100 (at least) per vial of insulin? And I go through four of them in a month... ouch. Blessedly, I have decent enough insurance and the cards have generally fallen well enough financially when it comes to my taking care of my diabetes. But that's not the case for too many. And this cool effort will help them specifically. They too had no control over getting Type One Diabetes, but have to shoulder the burden of the ridiculous cost of it. Every ten exercise entries equal $5- I love how easy and doable it is to contribute with this effort!

For Android phone users, there's also an app that makes it even easier! Search Google Play for Big Blue Test and it's free- log your exercise right there, any time :)

Thanks for letting me share and hopefully you'll join in if you can! Have an awesome rest of the week all,


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