Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Post that's a Bottle

... as in a bottle for time, Time in a Bottle. :)

I know, I know, summer is long over. We actually really are enjoying some fall fun, but I've not been great at blogging lately, even the things that really are important to me to share here. So, I wanted to post some of my favorite pics from the summer and earlier Fall... the ones that just need to be included in this little online story of our life :)

Waiting with Mom at swim lessons. Ry is sure my trooper boy- he gets to tag along with me more than the older brothers by nature and is such a joy! He begs whenever we are away, "Can we go home?" But is still cool about what we are doing out and about too :) I'm so grateful for half day kindergarten!

This one of Taron and Stephen was actually taken the day Taron was ordained a Priest. Can I just say that it's pretty wonderful to hear my own son's voice over the speaker blessing the sacrament? :)  So proud of the strong young man he is!

Hammock at Grandpa and Grandma's :)

Snagged this one quick the night before school started... I was a little watery over sending my baby to school :)

Beautiful night out flying with Stephen earlier in September. He rarely gets the opportunity to fly when we can tag along (or at all, really), so this was a fun night. Cooper happened to have a really loose tooth at the time and they tried to see if they could pull it falconry style...

...not so much... shocker ;)

Yay- our annual girls trip to Logan! For the past two years we've gotten to take a quick day and let the men handle the kids while we browse Hobby Lobby, get HuHot for lunch and grab desserts at Kneaders in Logan- a really great day! I love these sisters and Mom of mine- they are my dearest friends :)

And there's the bottle of time lately. Planning on more, better, genuine sharing to come from here :)



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