Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Upcycle, Build and Create with Help from the Online Target Toy Emporium

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Don't you wish sometimes that we lived in a time gone by? When apps and screens and processed food wasn't any concern?

I sure crave that some days... but the reality is that we Moms have to be pretty convincing and have some pretty sweet resources (let alone a random burst of energy :P) on our side in order to entice our kiddos toward real, true play.

And I think I've found another one of those resources. For this post I got to check out some great #TargetToys through the new Target Toy Emporium, found only online. Six categories- Build, Create, Explore, Imagine, Discover and Move- each include toys and brands that fit into that particular kind of play.

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We chose some fun and colorful build and create items that were right up the boys' alley. In the past, we've really enjoyed upcycling- creating crazy works of kid art from stuff that was otherwise going in the garbage. Tired of screens sucking the personality out of your kiddos? These simple, inexpensive ideas are doable for anyone, even those of us that struggle with that whole "burst of energy" thing ;)

While the Toy Emporium is only found online, seen above, most of the brands found under each category can be easily found at Target in the toy and office sections too. It struck me that most of them are also not found anywhere else- really great, quality toys that are just one more thing that makes Target rad :)

Of course, my boys went for the Legos. Magformers and Magnatiles are some of their favorites too :) They both picked some cute Lego Mixels with wings... or really, when Cooper chose one with wings, Ry searched for one with wings too, so they could fly together :) Love these boys...

When they were done building, I managed to snag this great shot of those happy, beautiful faces- couldn't help but zoom in ;)

For some more creative play, I gathered some of the bottles, cups, canisters, boxes, straws, etc. that have seemed to work great for upcycling creation. We picked some Kid Made Modern tapes, beads and fuzzy stems from Target also. I already knew I loved this brand- such cool stuff for kids to create with! The boys both loved this star duct tape...

Ta da- their unique masterpieces! Here's the thing about upcycling... it's true, the end result may not serve a purpose for any grand length of time. Some trash to treasure creations do, yes, but some won't be missed when thrown away within a day or two. It's really about the creation itself- allowing them to think outside any constraints. And once they've shown it off to Dad and played with it for a few hours or so, it's run it's course. But without any doubt, Mom won here in the battle against the screens. ;)

Hopefully you can find ideas and resources at the Target Toy Emporium online too- no doubt you can! Save those unique pieces of paper and cardboard and see the real creativity and building skills that your kids have too :)

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For even more of those great Mom resources to help in the battle of the world we live in, check out this Pinterest board too...



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