Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boredom Bustin'


Luckily the boys seem to love it when I bust out the goods for a project, because I love finding and thinking of new ideas for them to try! Most often their attention doesn't last too awful long on anything, but long enough to have made a memory (and gotten out of the heat)!

Recently we tried this simple rubber band painting idea I had seen on Kids Create . I thought the boys would love the combination of paint and mess! Ry started just painting on paper but quickly saw that Coop was painting something different and wanted in on coating the rubber bands too.

For the rubber band "snap" painting, you stretch several rubber bands across a box and paint the bands heavily, then lift the bands and SNAP! The paint then splashes and splatters- fun, eh?!

 I couldn't find a box that was strong enough not to fold together when I stretched the rubber bands around it, so I used a shallow glass bread pan I had. I think a checkbook box with the lid underneath might work good too.

This simple project was a bit messy- make sure to set your box on newspaper or in a shallow bin or something. But, I'd say it was enjoyed!


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