Monday, September 16, 2013

First Day of Preschool!

Our baby started preschool last week! He couldn't have been more excited to be going for real :) 

Some silly pics in the process, of course :) Just the day before he started, he told me, "I wish I had other kids to play with." Aww... made me so sad! I said, "I know, is Mom just too boring?" He replied, "Well...ya." Ha, ha :) I try, but I'll just never be as fun as other kids!

Neither of the boys honestly care to help too much in the kitchen, but I have been trying to get him to be in there with me more. He plays playdoh or puts ingredients in :) Here we were making peach pear jam- Yum! He actually just played playdoh on this one- I thought he'd like mashing the fruit, but not at all! :)

And just for the fun of it... the boys are now trampoline magicians.... :)



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