Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Awe of Antiques with Capri Sun Big Pouch

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I'm really not an antiques buff... like at all. But, whenever I'm around oldie goodies, I sure wish I was! I LOVE cool Americana and the "roughness" of old things. My teenage stepson Taron and I recently had the chance to do a little "picking" thanks to Capri Sun Big Pouch.

I went to Walmart and snagged all three flavors- Capri Sun Big Pouch Fruit Punch, Kiwi Strawberry and Maui Cooler. YUM- the boys all loved the flavors, but Taron's favorite was Maui Cooler. The size of these pouches really is perfect for my teenage stepsons- significantly more substantial than the smaller ones. Taron really liked the twisty lid on these kind also. We most often grab drinks like this for our trips taking the boys to and from their Mom's, so that's a great  feature in my mind too! And at 88-cents each, they are so much more affordable than most other options they would choose.

Along with trying out the drinks, we're getting involved in a cool American Picking Contest with Capri Sun Big Pouch! The contest winner and three guests will get to fly to Nashville, Tennessee, to do a half day pick with Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History! What a sweet prize! I could sure learn more about old stuff then, eh?

One hundred other winners will get Capri Sun Pickers Prize Packs that include the Kid Pickers book, a messenger bag, a magnifying glass, gloves, bandanas, flashlights, journal, pen, t-shirt, and carabineers. Taron and Keaton would surely think THAT was sweet too :) You can enter the contest by clicking on that link above and then simply uploading a picture of something cool that you’ve picked.  Here's a little video for some picking tips to get you going: 

For our entry, I knew of a spot just around the corner from us that I thought might be good for trying to pick some neat antiques. So, we added the Capri Sun Big Pouch to a little picking kit- gloves, sunglasses and flashlight- and headed out. I had no idea what a cool spot it really was...

I could truly go on and on about the amazing stuff we kept finding in this little picking haven. For most people driving by on the highway right behind us, it surely looks like a junkyard. But it was really quite organized and full of what, in my opinion, were awesome rusty treasures! I couldn't even stop taking pictures and just shaking my head at how cool everything was!

The property clearly had someone living there and it was posted "no trespassing if gate is closed." Taron, Cooper and I got lucky that the gate was open and we knocked on the house door, hoping to get permission to dig a bit. No one answered and we hesitantly started investigating right along the main paths around the place. Soon an older gentleman opened the door and I have to admit, I was pretty nervous! I thought maybe he would be mad, even though his gate was open. I was sure proud of Taron in that moment, though- he stepped right up and warmly asked the man if we could look around. He responded that he does sell stuff on occasion and I complimented him on all of the cool things we were already seeing, specifically this neat baby buggy:

He lit up a bit and said that it was one item he hoped to restore someday- clearly, he liked it a lot too. Unfortunately, he said he had a headache and wanted to lie back down- I felt so bad for interrupting his afternoon!- but that we could continue to look around. It would have been amazing to have him wander around with us and tell the stories of the neat items he had. I could absolutely see why the American Pickers enjoy the people they come across while picking as much as they say!

I LOVE that teal colored door tucked in there and those awesome chairs!
We just wandered around, continuing to be in awe of what a neat collection it really was...

I remember my Grandpa having a wringer washer, like the one Taron's checking out above, at his service station when I was young! And I could've taken about ten of these awesome windows home with me for sure... I'm not even kidding that I may be going back to try and see if he's in a selling mood for a few of them!

Could you die over that cool banana seat bike, old mailboxes and this neat see-saw! The more we looked, the more Taron was commenting about how he really loved this place. He said he wanted to come back to do some senior pictures- that would honestly be awesome! I had to smile when he commented that we could also do some good service for the guy too- I just adore that kid! :)

And for what might've been my favorite item... if it wasn't the baby buggy or the windows or the green chairs... the one that we used to enter the Capri Sun Big Pouch contest:

This awesome little bike! I LOVE that little seat at the back- what a treasure! Does anyone have an idea of how old this is? The front tire and plastic pedals look like they might be replacements to me, but I'm just not sure. No matter what, I was totally taken with it- so cute and surely hours of fun. 

Got a cool item you've picked or somewhere you've had in mind to pick? Use it to enter this fun Capri Sun Big Pouch contest by clicking HERE!

And speaking of cool items... Taron said that he's tried freezing Capri Sun and then cutting the top off, turning it into a slushie. I thought we'd try it out too and it was awesome! Capri Sun Big Pouch is perfect cause it's honestly the size of a snow cone you'd buy at a vendor- our Maui Cooler slushie got devoured in a hurry!

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I'm sure glad we had this contest to get us out and into some really interesting antiques!



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