Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duck Season!

 No, rabbit season! Duck season! No, Rabbit Season!
Well, around here, it's duck season...

Indeed, these are not the pictures Stephen would no doubt prefer to see in this post!
What is it about feeding animals that kids seem to enjoy so much?
It's fun to watch how excited they get!

Reminds me... Not long ago in the car, Stephen was talking to Cooper about something relative to animals (shocker, I know!)... must have been about having a certain pet and if Mom would like it or not, because Coop didn't skip a beat in saying,

"Dad, Mom doesn't care about animals!"

We both busted up laughing! It's true, not my thing- But I really do try hard to be excited with him when he is! I might not touch worms, but I am a professional at looking them over and giving compliments! I clarified that I might not care much for animals, but I do care for him and was happy that they make him so happy.

"I know," he said...

Ahh, kids rock :)


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