Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Favorite Yet

When I first saw this backpack tutorial from noodlehead more than a year ago, I loved it! I thought it was the cutest thing and wished I could wrap my head around the instructions well enough to attempt it myself. Or was I still wishing I could even fathom how to thread my bobbin at that point? :/  At any rate, it was beyond me then!
When Coop started preschool, the little drawstring bags I had made previously just weren't cutting it, so I looked it over again and put my own twist on to make him something more sturdy- I was so happy with the results!

 I used an old, torn pair of Stephen's pants to make the base and got creative with the hems to save myself some work! Using the hems made it so I didn't have to turn any tubes! I was able to use a back pocket to create a pocket on the inside rather than sew one into the front. Cooper picked out the fabrics and patches he wanted himself!


 I wanted this to be less of an issue staying on his shoulder than normal drawstring backpacks seem to be, so I sewed the straps on the back and used some cord Stephen had and a cord lock to create the drawstring portion instead- I love this change and it works really well! The casing portion of this tutorial is awesome- I really like how it turned out so polished just naturally! And, indeed, I used my handy safety pin alternative to string the cord. ;)

I daresay my favorite thing I've sewn yet... :)


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