Monday, October 31, 2011

Carving Party

This last weekend we got together with our friends Travis and Stephanie and their little girls to carve pumpkins!
Now, Cooper plays with slime frequently- it's one of his more favorite things.
But check that face!
He did not want to touch the guts of the pumpkin!
Stephen eventually got him to grab a handful, but he seriously gagged as he did! I told him not to do it again so we didn't end up dealing with a mess of more than seeds and stringy-ness! And Ryder actually really doesn't like slime and squishy things, so we knew he was a no go for sure!

Coop told him what he wanted his jack-o-lantern face to look like and I steered him toward something I could handle cutting ;)! He was so thrilled with the results! All the kids loved seeing it glow out on the porch in the dark! Fun time... happy to have made the time for this Halloween tradition!

Happy Halloween all!!


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