Friday, October 7, 2011

Paper at Four

I've decided that when you're four,
there is almost no such thing as amounts.
Pretty much everything is pretty much limitless.
Money, snacks, energy, time, options, ability... and paper.

How many reams of paper does it take to perfect the art of doodling?

Drawing snakes, lizards, and mostly people?
Well, at least one around here! :)

Oh, and we won't even mention tape...
Notice we now use USPS Priority Mail packing tape? It's true.

I've been trying to label some of the more memorable or distinct pictures with what he says when he shows them to me.

Not too long ago Cooper asked me if Santa could deliver pets. I clarified that, indeed, he brings all kinds of pets. And so began Cooper's wavering between wanting a chameleon or a leopard gecko from the jolly guy this year. Still three months away? You're tellin' me!

Anyhow, this drawing below, Coop showed me and said, "This is a leopard gecko. Remember to give this to Santa with his cookies and candy canes." September 19th. And, indeed, when I wrote on the page I spelled gecko 'geico'... nice!

Usually Coop draws people- a large head with stick limbs. Cutest thing ever :)
I noticed that whenever he pointed out which one was me, I never had any hair. I asked him why once and he "fixed" me to look like this:

And asked, "Mom, whats that thing on the back of your head that hangs down called?"
Hmmm... think I might wear a ponytail a bit too frequently???
So, now I know that the figure in his pictures looking more like an apple than a human is actually me!

I think the drawing that brings the biggest smile to my face
is still one of the very first "people" he ever drew this past June:

He handed me this very paper and said, "Look, Mom, it's you!"
I'm quite sure I busted up laughing right then!
Never looked better.


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