Sunday, October 30, 2011

Done Moved!

Been long enough?? :)
I've missed my little blog here I confess.

We are LOVING our new house here in the Idaho Fall area.
Our move couldn't have gone much smoother
thanks to the help of my amazing family!
And yes, Dad, I noticed it looks like you're doing all the work in this picture too ;)

And there's probably never a good time to move, but trying to get Halloween costumes and treats finished, along with helping to host my sister's bridal shower, made for a busy week! Nothing like some good reasons to be crafty rather than unpack boxes! :)

Thursday was the last time for Cooper to go to his preschool in Blackfoot and was also Halloween Party day! We made an orange batch of slime and put it (with difficulty, I might add) into these fun test tubes for him to share with his little class. He told me what he wanted the slime to be called and I made some little stickers for him to label- we were both excited about how they turned out! His classmates and teachers all loved them :)

He even got to wear his ghost costume to the party! This gave me a good chance to troubleshoot it actually... everyone says a ghost is easy, but I've found it to be pretty tough! For trick or treating, he'll be ditching the hood and getting his face and hair painted white instead!

He was sad to leave his class, but I've already found him a new preschool here that he'll start on Tuesday! Good to be back... more Halloween goodness going on around here that I'll share this week!


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