Friday, October 14, 2011

Adorable Halloween "Happy Mail"

I have a little guy that loves getting mail
and several nieces (oddly, not really any nephews...) that I know are the same.
Even us big kids love getting mail that makes us smile, eh? :)
I think I love sending it even more!

After discovering all the fun "happy mail" ideas at Giver'slog recently,
I've been trying to think of something unique I could send for Halloween
and turned to these fun little pumpkins again-
they are just so stinkin' cute!

I found this adorable jack-o-lantern face svg file below and used SCAL2 to cut several sets of them out of vinyl with my Cricut!

Once they were peeled, I cut each apart and didn't worry about transfer paper- they are now just like stickers! I sized the file down so that each was about 2x2 inches to fit on the cute little pumpkins.

Before anything, I let Cooper have a go with the stickers on a pumpkin of his own :) He put a different face on each side of the pumpkin to use as many of them as possible!

The stickers were packaged in cellophane bags beside a pumpkin and tied! Isn't this a fun little treat to pull out of a package?!

The boys used some little Halloween stamps to personalize the outside of the boxes- now on their way to two little girls who will hopefully enjoy not only getting their own mail, but also creating their own adorable little punkins!

Fun as fun as fun in my opinion!
Is it just me, or are these little bags about the cutest thing ever? :)
What "happy mail" can we send next??? 


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