Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of First Grade!

Cooper is now a big time, all-day at school First Grader! I love this pic of him above on the morning of the first day just before we headed out to take him to school- you can just see his excitement brimming over!

These last few weeks, Cooper and Ryder have just really been struggling to get along very well! They just seemed so bored no matter what I tried. I thought that I might actually breath a sigh of relief with the start of school in all honesty... but I was wrong. I still had a tough time. And him being gone all day is such an adjustment! It's all good, of course... sometimes the stuff that is hard is what's good too :)

Ryder is starting Pre-School this next week too, but couldn't be left out :) He'll only be gone for two hours a day, two days a week. Boy have I been glad these last week that he won't be gone more than that!

He said to me a couple days ago, "Mom, you're my best pal." Melted, totally melted :)

This is gonna sound goofy, but honestly, having my kids in school kinda makes me feel a little more... whats the word... legitimate as a Mom. Stuff like packing a lunch in the morning and pulling through the drop-off line makes me feel like I'm a real Mom or something. I know, I know, I'm weird! :P Eventually it'll be bigger things that'll make me feel that way I suppose :)

Love these boys!
So proud of them and grateful for everyone involved in making their school days positive!



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