Wednesday, September 25, 2013

From the Boys' Perspective

Recently while I was crafting at our table, Cooper snagged my camera and (as you can see) entertained himself and Ryder both for a bit... I wasn't too worried because I always enjoy seeing the things they deem worthy of a picture... :)

What is Ryder holding? Who knows, probably his Skylanders sword... It's also funny to see how they just don't even comprehend a picture not turning out in the camera the way they see it in real life. There's no thought whatsoever of lighting or focus... I rather like that :)

Usually they craft alongside me... like with feathers and tape and TP tubes. :) They aren't interested as long as I am though ;)

This is a close up of the fabric I was working with at the time- making a little something for the boys for The Ribbon Retreat. And Cooper thought is was about the best thing ever- just his style :)

Mom is totally boring, but nonetheless, a few pics of me were in the mix... 

And in other news, we've gone to a few football games of Keaton's lately- he's right in the middle of the season right now.

Cooper loves cutting potatoes whenever I'm cutting them for dinner. He usually gets his own cutting board and works right with me (with a butter knife), for a little while at least. :) He tried hard to convince Ryder it was cool, but obviously Ry wasn't sold! I had to laugh at the look on his face- he just thought it was gross!

Again, entertaining each other by turning their pillowcases into a gunny sack race :)
Despite the frustration they frequently have with each other, they are still each others best buddy.



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