Monday, September 2, 2013

The Perfect Road Trip Gift and Printable Tag

This last week some great people from our ward moved their family to another state. These were people we admired and that had been so friendly to us! We really wanted to be able to go visit them before they left and let them know they were valued in our lives :)

Of course, I love any chance to give a gift and wanted to be able to give them a token to say goodbye :) I knew their move would involve a long road trip to get to their new home state and thought a "Road Ready Kit" would be perfect! What do you give to someone that's moving?!? I didn't want to just be adding to another box to pack, ya know :) 

So inside a basic Dollar Tree basket, I added:
a family movie
some snacks
a package of baby wipes (serious must have on the road, right?!)
and a baggie with some embroidery thread, safety pins and small scissors
for making cute friendship bracelets (their family has three girls, so I knew this would appeal to them). I liked the unique variety inside- make sure to check out that jar game if you put one of these together yourself- the prompts are totally fun!  

I used a piece of washi tape to attached this basic tag to the handle of the basket to finish the gift- super super easy! I knew that pretty much any fancy packaging would be exactly what they didn't need on their drive, so this is really simple- hopefully really effective in the process! :)

You can print this tag in five different colors- the four above and the yellow you see on my gift. Find a document to print the tags HERE. This link is to one document with all five colors of tags, each on its own page. Just select the page that has the color you want and choose 'current page' in your print options :)

Hopefully this will be something you can use for gifting to someone headed out on the road!




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