Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer in Swing

Oh, I can't even tell you how grateful I am that it's SUMMER! I love, love, love this time of year!
And I'm loving having Cooper home all day, more freedom and choices, more sunshine and water!

We rang it in with Cooper's birthday! For the last two years I've hung balloons and streamers
like this and he said, "Mom, I think you should just always do that every year." :)

We live in the yard these days it seems- we are tan and maybe even sunburned to prove it too! Ryder's finally gotten the hang of running  through sprinklers and can deal with the spray in his face a bit now- makes me excited for Splash Park fun soon! We've also gotten to visit our favorite girlies for some backyard fun too...

My little nieces are so cute and fun! Quincy and Cooper could hardly play better together.
I'm quite sure Coop secretly loves letting her drag him around playing house ;)

I actually had the boys signed up for T-ball and baseball for the summer. And we went to one practice. And this quote above was going through my head all  the while. So, ya know what... we got our money back. This little band of boys + Mom will not be chasing a ball schedule this summer. We'll be signing up for a two-week session of swimming lessons soon... but that's it. :)

Being silly is what we they do :) Along that line, we recently tried out some simple Minute to Win It games with friends- what a fun change of pace! We've gotta make this happen at a family function with lots of people again too!

And a couple of bright, happy parting shots- happy summer face, more to come no doubt :)
Taron and Keaton have been around off and on so far- hopefully we'll see more of them too! 



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