Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Little Home Time

I love seeing kids playing in boxes- having fun with something so simple!
Cooper and Ryder seem to like to hide themselves inside and pop out to surprise me the best!

Ry kept standing up to give me kisses while I took pictures- awww :)

And recently Cooper told me for lunch he wanted a "salad, ketchup sandwich" for lunch. Hmmm... I tried to talk him out of it but he said he'd had it when our friend was babysitting them over Cyndel's wedding weekend recently. (I somehow doubt that, but it was a good enough sales ploy to get me to make the sandwich!) Anyhow, once I had it done, I had to try it of course! And it actually wasn't bad... like a meatless hamburger really. There are worse things he could be eating I suppose!

Quite the dress-up concoction, eh?! When Keaton put it on afterwards, he turned into a creepy reptile whisperer or something!

Simple, silly fun :)



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