Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve(s)

This year Taron and Keaton were with their Mom for Christmas and as a result,
we basically got to have two Christmas Eves! They opened their gifts later in the day on the 22nd before we headed out to Lost River and we made it a little celebration :)

So I've been trying not to use my flash when taking pictures and playing with my camera settings so I don't have to... clearly the little boys are a bit too busy for slow shutter speeds that capture twinkling Christmas lights, eh?! 

When their gifts were opened and the older boys had their new jammies on,
we threw our own little dance party!
Stephen turned on some music and they showed off their moves! I loved their happy faces!
Ryder was kicking his legs and joining right in- happy as could be :)

And then on actual December 24th, Coop and Ry opened their new jammies :)
This year I opted not to make them in favor of making some other projects for gifts instead.
I don't normally buy clothes with licensed character type stuff on them, but I decided to budge and
they were sure thrilled with their Buzz and Bumblebee jams!



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