Monday, December 12, 2011

Love These Boys...

Glue guns as little boys weapons... I was a proud Mama as I took this pic :)

Just thought I'd share some recent everyday pics of Coop and Ry lately... I've had more than my fair share of craft fails these past few days so I'm boycotting my craftiness for a little while! Really until, ya know, tomorrow, when I realize I have to book it on Christmas gifts... :)

Cooper's letter from Santa! He wasn't feeling well the day he got this and it shows, but he really was pretty stoked about knowing his letter was received! Gotta love small town life and awesome mail ladies :)

Lately I've been so struck at how my baby is a little boy these days! I could just kiss his soft, chubby cheeks all day and a part of me still refuses to acknowledge he's not a baby! He'll always be baby to me :) Isn't that a sweet Batman cape/ mask combo- we snagged it at DI just after Halloween!

He loves rolling little cars and trucks, and even bouncy balls, across the kitchen floor to me- 
these are some of my favorite moments in the day!



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