Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a SWEET Tradition

When I was in high school, maybe even junior high, my Aunt Kim worked at a candy shop and invited us to come to her house and make candies for Christmas. My Grandma joined us and it was a full day of shaving chocolate, making caramel, trying new recipes and overall yum! It became an annual Christmas tradition- a family candy making day!

Over the years, it's turned into an immediate family thing, with my Mom and sisters and the men hanging around for tasting purposes :) This year we did it at our house, since us girls all live fairly close together here in the Idaho Falls area. Grandpa brought his new Hot Wheels track- another tradition that the kids will remember him for! And my sister's new husband got in on the action for the first time :) The only thing missing was my brother and sister-in-law... but don't worry, Conner, we sent Mom home with lots of peanut butter balls just for you!

I know our candy making day tradition will have to be adjusted and changed to make it work each year, but I do hope the tradition continues as it may- more for the chance to be together with my favorite people than for the candy..... though these turtles are awfully yummy!



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