Friday, June 7, 2013

Cute Little Notes in a Treat Jar for Dad

This last year, Cooper filled out several different "favorite things" worksheets in Kindergarten that all got put together in a journal he brought home at the end of the year. On his favorite holiday worksheet, he had written "Father's Day" and drawn a picture of him and Stephen at the Father and Sons outing :) So Cute!

Recently the little boys helped whip up this cute treat jar to give to Dad next weekend for Father's Day... if it lasts that long. Stephen actually picked up the candy for me himself, so he'll likely be going in search of it before the week is over! 

I used a clean oversize pickle jar and spray painted the lid matte black. Confession: I didn't even use real chalkboard paint, just the plain stuff I already had! I figured the chalk would be a one-time-use sort of thing, so it wouldn't be too big a deal :)

I also cut small papers from my scrap box and a larger, skinny section for a label. Cooper and Ryder did all the writing and drawing for the notes and label both on their own- so cute! Ryder would scribble a bunch on his little notes and then translate for me: "This is me and Dad in a rocket ship." Then I wrote the translation real small to the side- cute cute! Cooper's notes he really took great care in drawing- the funnest little pics of our family and his Dad! Can you tell they are shooting bows together in the little orange one above? I love that Stephen will be getting a smile and pick-me-up to his day whenever he grabs one of these treats at work!

Super simple idea that anyone could put together for Father's Day- the boys loved helping to make it and I love that they can really feel like it is from them. They might also be hoping that he shares :)



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