Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple Cupcake Liner Retirement Gift and Tag

Wouldn't early summer be the perfect time to retire?
Just in time to really soak up the sun better than ever before!

Recently Stephen had his primary contact at one of his aquarium accounts retire. They were less than close friends, but valued acquaintances still. He asked me to come up with something simple he could give her as token of how he appreciated his time working with her and her accomplishment of retiring!

I really do think retirement is such an awesome accomplishment. Worthy of more than this simple cake mix, cute cupcake liners and fun tag, but this idea could work great for an acquaintance that you may not know or connect with as much as others. At least you'll have taken the time to acknowledge their amazing feat!

I actually love cute cupcake liners! I could walk into Michaels for something specific and walk out with nothing but cupcake liners and deem it a successful trip I think! :P Add a few fun packages of them and this cute printable tag to a boxed cake mix with washi tape and ribbon and you're set! I actually added a 1M Wilton frosting tip (my fav!) for a different gifting purpose recently too- another fun addition!
Print these tags above by clicking on the image, then right clicking and saving to be able to print!
Two color combos for whatever might work best :) Enjoy!



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