Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easy Diaper and Wipes Carrier

My friend Heather is about to have a baby girl!
Which means I've gotten to create with girly fabrics and make baby gear lately :)
It's surely only just begun too!

This diaper and wipes holder is something that I used with my boys. I loved not having to look like I was packing a diaper and wipes when I was packing a diaper and wipes, ya know? It also worked awesome when they were a bit older and I didn't need the whole diaper bag. These are really easy to make- as usual, if I can sew it, anyone can!

Start with two pieces of coordinating fabric measuring 18.5 x 10". Put them wrong sides together, then fold, iron and hem along the short ends. Lay your piece on your work surface with the fabric you want on the outside facing down. Use your wipes case (one of the flat, hard kind) to measure how much to fold each of the short ends in toward the middle- mine was about 4" or so. Pin the fabric you just folded in and sew up both sides, through one fold and up through the other, with your inside fabric facing up (Like your sewing it inside out on purpose, right?) The usual :)

With those stitches done, you'll just turn it right side out and iron. I waited until this part was done to add my strap because it made it easier to measure by sight. Make a strap with a piece of fabric measuring about 8  x 4.5". Fold and iron both the short ends in, then fold in half with right sides together and sew up the long side.  Turn your fabric and iron flat again, then your ready to attach the velcro like above. I tucked the diapers and wipes in, then held up my strap piece to figure out where I wanted it to be and where the opposite velcro needed to be- mark with pins. Just be careful when sewing it on that you only catch one layer :) Sewing the velcro on to the end of the strap piece is easier before attaching, but no problem afterwards either.

I clipped the lone raw edge with pinking shears to avoid fraying on this small middle section. I ironed it good to keep it tucked in also.

And now you have an adorable little satchel for carrying your diapers and wipes! It's big enough to grow with your baby too-larger diapers fit nicely :) I remember tucking in a pair of pants and undies even when Cooper was potty training. This is my favorite thing to whip up for a baby shower gift also :)



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