Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simple Treasure Pocket T-shirts

This post was originally shared a couple of week ago over at one of my favorite blogs, Twin Dragonfly Designs, for Heather's awesome All for the Boys T-shirt Week! Awesome shirts shared- I'm hoping I can get it in gear to make my boys some of the fun camping ones!

For my contribution, I used Cooper's fun handwriting
and let the boys choose what they each wanted on a new treasure pocket shirt!
They both turned out so cute and totally show their personalities :)

 A couple of years ago, when I was first even learning how my sewing machine worked, I sewed a small scrap of fabric on some cheap shirts to create a "pocket" for them to tuck treasures inside of. Those became their very favorite shirts and I thought this time around I'd let them add a bit of personality too :) 

Cooper loves rocks and fossils, dinosaurs and Bigfoot. Yes, he is quite certain Bigfoot and yeti are both for real... Anyhow, he sat by my side and picked out a dinosaur  fossil picture he liked from the computer screen. I used basic transfer paper to then flip, print and iron on what he chose. This shirt would be fun and enjoyable without adding this step at all-  it sure did add a ton of cute factor, though! Now they aren't just favorites, they are beloved :)

I loved the idea of adding his own writing to his shirt- I know I've talked about how cute I think kid's sounded out spelling is how many times, but, for real, I just love it!  :) So I asked him to write the words "Fossil Hunting Gear" with a Sharpie on a piece of normal copy paper. Then I scanned and created an image I'd be able to flip for the purpose of ironing it on- I really love how this turned out! Anyone wanna go hunteeng afterwards?? :)

And Ryder thinks rocket ships are the best ever- he chose his own graphic beside me at the computer too. He's also the one who happily (usually, at least) tags along with me to the fabric store while brother is at school. He thought this bright flame fabric was sah-weet! I didn't know when I bought it that it would pair so well with the graphic for his shirt, but I think they really look perfect together! 

The pockets are just the right size for tucking in small little guys
or other toys, and especially great for money!  

You get this look when you're trying to get your boys to cooperate for photos too, right?? :)

So, this t-shirt is really so simple that no doubt you can go and make one yourself without a tutorial... for real, if I can sew this, that means anyone can! I am pretty much in an eternal learning-to-work-my-machine stage! I did take a few photos here below of how to create the pocket portion to add to your shirt. I got my plain shirts at JoAnn's, so that part was ready to go. It is only the pocket that I added...

1) Cut two of the same piece of fabric for your pocket. One of my boys' is a plain rectangle/ square shape. The other I was trying to use scraps for and in order to get at big enough piece, I had to have a rounded bottom. But I really do like the way it turned out!

2) Hem the top of both pocket pieces. I hemmed one by just folding and ironing once, then the other by folding over itself again, ironing and stitching. You'll take care of the stitching for the first one when you add it to the shirt- not doing it beforehand makes it so you don't have to follow any seam exactly when you put it on :) I like that- novice sewer here, remember? ;) The difference in hems also makes it so the front portion is a bit shorter than the back side- easier for the boys to put stuff in and out!

3) Sew around the sides and bottom with right sides together.

4) Then turn! When you do, you'll notice the very top portion edges want to stick out- the result of having the front be a bit shorter for easier access. I did the super professional thing and just clipped them off. Ha! I wasn't too worried about the fraying- I kinda thought it would look cool with raw edges on the whole thing actually. If you want a better solution than my super lazy one, clip and iron those small top sections as part of step 2 :)

And to attach your cute pocket, pin it where you'd like to just one layer of your shirt, then slide it under your needle and start your top stitch all the way around with the top hem of the back piece!

I don't think my own little men could love their pocket shirts any more! It was like Christmas when they woke up to them the morning after I made them. And all day they kept saying at random, "Mom, thanks for my new shirt." :) They kept adding different little treasures and checking what was in their pockets- I know they'll be lovin' on these all summer long! 

Blast off! I'd love to have you share on my Facebook page if you make one yourself!



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