Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diaper Cakes vs. Car Seats: Gifting Made Eaisier

It's no secret that I love giving gifts!
Putting a cute gift together is probably my very favorite way to channel my creativity.
There's just something about that little twinge you get inside when you're giving, ya know?

So I'm excited to write a post for this cool gift giving site called Ziftit-
knowing that you're giving something that the recipient really wants makes it even more fun!

Aren't these diaper cakes my sister-in-law and I made recently cute, cute, cute?! We kinda thought so. This is one of my very favorite baby shower gifts to give- just plain fun! But here's the thing: while new Moms like cutie clothes or these cutie cakes for sure, they could actually use things like car seats, bouncy chairs, or changing pads, right? I knew when I made this that my friend would have to take it apart immediately for lack of space- and a plain ole' box of diapers isn't really what I was going for, ya know? :P

At Ziftit, you can create lists of things you want relative to events and occasions. In the case of my friend having a baby that didn't exactly need a cute diaper cake, I was able to add a baby shower event for her on Ziftit, have her add gifts she'd really prefer, and invite others- pretty cool :) I can't even wait to see when she gets the gift I chose! It was fun to get to pick which thing I'd most like to get for her and the new baby, knowing that any given choice was a sure winner. A far cry from giving something cute but impractical!

And in my own case, just in case Stephen is wondering ;), here's what my birthday list looks like):

And, babe, if you have to choose between the Pyrex and the Project Life,
by all means, go with the Pyrex. Ha! ;)

The great thing about Zift lists is that you can include stuff from anywhere! Amazon, Etsy, Target, Kohls, Old Navy, Pottery Barn... really, if you can click it on-line,  you can add it to your list of things you want! You just quickly download the browser plugin and a little button appears in your toolbar area that you can click when you're looking at an item you want to add! A drop down lets you add to your Zift list in just a couple of clicks- no limitations :)

Of course it would be no fun if you were the only one that saw the list of stuff you want, eh? Or if you couldn't see the lists of the people you need to buy a gift for? That's why there's Pinterest, folks ;) You can actually invite friends, create events to include people in and share Ziftit in general with friends through social media or email- really natural and convenient.

Ziftit would be a great way to partner with someone else for giving larger gifts too. Each buyer can "pitch in" on a gift in a list until it's able to be purchased directly from the website it was found on.  You can use those funds you added to Ziftit directly, or purchase normally from the site the item came from. All the way around, Ziftit is a really cool tool for gift giving and will make it more hassle-free for sure!

Check it out yourself HERE :)


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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