Monday, July 1, 2013

13 Ideas for Kids this Independence Day!

Hooray for July! And for Independence Day in just a few days! This is one of my very favorite holidays. I love filling the day of the 4th with things that remind the boys what we're celebrating, or at least keep the red, white and blue front and center :) For my first venture into round-up country, I've gathered several posts I've found that I think would be fun and simple- hopefully this will be useful for you too! 

This would be the only idea I have listed here that you'd probably need to do the day before. I know our parade starts early, so we wouldn't have time before. But I love the idea of making a parade wand for the younger boys this year! I love this ribbon one above, but the one below is a bit more simple if you have less time- I thought both were super cute!

Doesn't this Goop with Pop Rocks in it look so fun! I bet this sounds awesome :)
And these fireworks bottles would be fun too- no doubt these would last for awhile...

This is one of my favorite blogs for awesome kids ideas- Krissy is amazing! I really like doing handprint crafts with the boys- they become a keepsake for me and are fun for them in the process :)

This fun patriotic bean bag toss could be a project and an activity:

I know the boys would love these! Gather the pieces from your local home improvement store beforehand and this one could be so fun on the day of the 4th!

I know the boys could go wild with this fun firework art using bingo markers dipped in water and then slammed down on the paper! Sounds about right for sure :)

We'll be using this for sure- the boys love to knock and run! Last year we delivered these: 

This jello popcorn always go over well! Find the recipe HERE :) 

Need a yummy treat for yourself too (or something different to share?)
We were given some of these cookies once and they are delicious!

And the highlight of the whole celebration is the fireworks that bring it to a close, right? :) I know we have to go a couple of hours early (at least!) to get a very good spot to watch them from. There are people around here that stake their spots the night before even! We won't be waiting anywhere near that long, but a few activities for the time we will have to wait will surely be a good idea!

I love the idea of putting together cute buckets like this for each of the boys! Little things to keep them entertained inside- like bubbles and Dollar Tree headbands and glowsticks- would be so fun! I think they'd really like carrying them too :)

One year I made these simple firecrackers with treats inside for the kids to pop while we waited for the fireworks:

And nothing rules the waiting game in the dark like glow sticks, eh?! I know whenever I open a pack of glow sticks, the kids take it from there, but I thought this would be a fun one to try if you have space while you wait for the fireworks to start too:

And for anyone just looking to get in to the patriotic spirit this week,
this song in the video below does that for me every time I hear it :)
Enjoy and Happy Independence Day!



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