Sunday, July 28, 2013

Video Game Chill Time: Smurfs 2

What ONE word would you use to describe Summer?
I Love the Summertime- do I gush about it too much around here?! :)
And one word I think would describe it well is FULL.

Summer is full of water fights, pool time, beach days, library days, park days, bike riding, picnics, drive in movies... and even things like video games. I know I simply can't entertain my boys ALL the time. My ideas run dry after so long, ya know?? They gotta have somethin' else to do that gives both of us some chill time! (Or makes it so I can load the dishwasher, take a shower or fold laundry on the fly) :P

This last Christmas, Stephen twisted my arm and we gave the boys a Wii as a family gift- and it really has ended up being fun! I knew the boys would LOVE getting the new Ubisoft Smurfs 2 video game in the mail- they love mail and they have been excited for the Smurfs 2 movie this summer too. We love catching new summer movies and this year there have been lots of great ones!

Confession: I actually quite enjoy watching my little band of men playing video games. Specifically when they can pull it off without getting frustrated or upset with each other, of course :) So it was fun for all of us to sit and check out this new game.

Taron and Keaton said that the Smurfs 2 Game reminded them of classic Mario- gotta love the classics! That similar feel made it so they could jump right in to playing without too much of a learning curve. The simplicity and bright graphics also made it fun for the little boys to play- even Ryder could do pretty good with just a little help. 

I liked how they could choose which Smurf they wanted to be- and especially that two players can actually be the same Smurf! Saves on any unhappiness over who wanted to be who, ya know? :) Once the boys see the movie, that part will become even more fun. Once Coop sees this shots below of later stages of the game I know he'll be excited- right up his alley

Are your kiddos excited for Smurfs 2 too?? (ha ha) This game is a great addition to your FULL summer- I know Taron really likes Game Stop for buying and trading games, and of course, Amazon is a great option too :)

Whatever you do to catch some more relaxing or productive time through the summer,
I hope it serves you well! Have a great week all :) 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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