Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Zoo Day

Awhile back we crossed off an item on Cooper's summer bucket list, or what he calls his "Fun Club," when we went to the zoo with my sisters Lundyn and Jodie, my two adorablest neices, baby Kamden, and Grammie. :) Our local zoo is both small and big enough to be really pretty darn fun :) We've been crossing off lots of things from his list, but this one seemed more major, ya know? 

Relaxin' in the nest :) Oh, and that egg Coop is holding above is from a bird like an ostrich (can't remember what it was really called now!). A worked brought it over to them specifically- highlight for sure! They also got to touch a little hedgehog! I thought he really was super cute...

Massive turtle on the move. I noticed at this exhibit that the boys are totally enthralled
with each thing at the zoo for about 5 seconds each... then they're off to the next! :P

Best company ever... even blurry :)


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