Monday, July 11, 2011

SEVEN years and more...

SEVEN years ago yesterday, I wore a cascading, perfect white dress.
There were purple flowers and ribbon and vests and ties.
There was a continual stream of  supportive people that meant a lot to us.
There was an elk across the back mountain that captivated the groomsmen.
There were two adorable little boys chasing each other around the grass.

July 10 marks our anniversary! (of course) :)

This year my parents offered to have Ry and Coop at their house for Friday night and Saturday while we celebrated! It was Ryder's first time with them alone overnight and I was so relieved he did great. We spent the day at an archery shoot above Ririe and had a great time! We totally enjoyed being in the mountains and just being together.

Thanks Stephen for making my life begin seven years ago and being my very favorite person to be with!
 I love you!

In other news today...
I am kicking off a fun week of giveaways for my blogging friend Ginger over at Ginger Snap Crafts!

While Ginger is on vacation with her family, she's scheduled two giveaways each day this week! You can find a simple mix of handmade goodies from me up for grabs this morning! 


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