Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happiness is a Choice

I recently added a Free Printables page-
have you noticed it above already?!
I love playing with fonts and turning quotes into something artsy
that I can share here!
This little adage, "Happiness is a Choice,"
has been a favorite of mine lately...
Click the image above, then right click and save to print an 8x10.
Or, check out the new page for this one and others!
And a few simple things that have brought me happiness lately...

Designing and cutting our name and address for our new mailbox in SCAL! Hooray that we have a mailbox now! Love how this turned out- I'll be adding a few variations to my Etsy shop before long! (Not of our address- of whoever might want one :-p)

And slapping stickers all over Coop's arms as he watches Curious George and wanders around the house in undies only  :)

Check out Places I Link to see where I'll be sharing this post!
And Choose a Happy day today....


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