Thursday, July 21, 2011

Automatic Days

This last weekend we cruised out to Arco and home to Grammie and Grandpa's. We met everyone in Arco Saturday morning for the Atomic Days Parade... while we were waiting Taron asked if this was all part of Automatic Days :)... made me chuckle!

The best part of Atomic Days is the ping pong ball drop that kicks off the parade. The Sheriffs Department sponsors a small plane loaded with a ton of ping pong balls. It flies right above Main Street, opening underneath and dropping the balls all over the road! The balls can then be taken to the Sheriffs Office an exchanged for a shiny 50-cent piece! Small town sweetness :)

Loved this simple pic of Ry with Number Hill in the background. A landmark of my childhood, with my own child in the mix :)

You wouldn't believe the haul Quincy and Cooper brought in, with the help of Josh and Taron! Ryder mostly enjoyed watching, especially all the motorbikes doing tricks in the road! And Dad, these car shots are for you!

Afterwards, we hobnobbed around the park, running into random people from the past. We tried to grab some lunch in town, but everything was packed so we headed home for a BBQ instead. The kids spent the afternoon playing at Grammie's Water Park, the boys all really enjoyed some target practice thanks to the target Stephen brought along, and later we had the most yummy fresh strawberry pie made by Cyndel! Doesn't it look scrumptious?! Ryder even crowded my baby niece Brylee for a bath before we hit the road again...

Fun weekend and nice to be able to jaunt back and forth no problem... I love the simplicity of this small town celebration and how families seem to gather back home for it. One of those things that's just... automatic, I suppose!


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