Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stuffed, Grilled & Smoked

Recently we tried stuffing a couple of
green bell peppers with cream cheese
and smoking them on our grill!
We could hardly wait to try them
and WOW were they yummy!

We cut a circle around the stem and the
cleaned the inside through the hole it made.
I used a butter knife to spread about a third to half
of a brick of cream cheese around the inner wall of each pepper,
then we placed them on our grill just like that!
Stephen uses apple wood chips down inside the bottom of the grill
on a lowish setting to get a great smoky flavor!
I'd say these cooked for about 20-25 minutes or so.

Then to eat them easier we cut slices (like a loaf of bread).
I know this doesn't look particularly pretty, but taste makes up for it!
The pepper was slightly soft but still crisp enough
to not be icky on the texture side of things.
Other variations we thought of and want to try:
  • crisp cooked bacon crumbled and whipped into the cream cheese
  • a few tablespoons of salsa whipped with the cream cheese
  • sharp cheddar grated and combined with the cream cheese

What else do you think would be good?
Whatever it may be, hopefully you'll try these out
the next time you've got the grill fired up-
you won't be disappointed!


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