Monday, February 18, 2013

Boys Treasure Pocket Scarves

I recently made these cute scarves for the boys using this tutorial from Living With Punks.
They found them in their mailboxes one morning :)

I liked how bright and fun they turned out!
I knew the boys would like the treasure pocket on the back of them and,
indeed, that was the highlight!

I really liked these fun fabrics- bright colors that stand out in the winter.
I also liked that they don't tie, but pull through the opening, like a huge button hole :) 

Cooper put money in his and Ryder put a small Transformer in his :)
Who knows what they'll put in them next

I used knit fabric on the back of these to keep them light. Plus, I had gotten the green knit from my Mom and haven't used it yet, but it matched the dinosaur fabric so well! I'm hoping the lighter feel of these will make them useful in the Spring when they don't need a full coat, but it's still too cold for nothing too :)

It was cold out and we were about to get in the car to go somewhere when I was trying to get these pictures of them, so this might not have been the smoothest photo shoot ever... Sometimes as soon as they see me with the camera, they're  instantly like, "No, Mom, no pictures!" in the whiniest voice they can muster... Other times, they ask me to take pictures of whatever they have at hand :) 

Fun, simple little project for my favorite little dudes :)



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