Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Mail: Recent Valentine Swap

  Lots of Love Blogger Swap

I love sending happy mail!
And, you already know that we love Valentines season around here, so I was happy when
I got to join in on a Blogger Swap for Valentines Daythrough The Adventures of Brad and Kendra. 

And here's the thing... I seriously packed my big camera with me all day as I was gathering the last details to include in the package I sent and get it off at the post office. But did I actually remember to take a picture of what went into it before I sealed the envelope?? Of course not! 

I was able to send to Amanda Byrd from Zombirdy Designs. I wasn't ever able to actually communicate with her, but was able to gather clues about the thing she likes through her site and social media. When I first visited, I was struck that my being paired with her was no coincidence. Remember that I have Type One Diabetes? I do and have had for 25 years. And so does Amanda. And she has for quite some time as well. And she spends a lot of time in the hospital dealing dialysis :(

I tell ya, if there is anything I have a fear of dealing with in the future, it is kidney dialysis. I have several fears over diabetic complications, but that is right at the top for sure. My heart goes so wholly out to Amanda for what she is enduring!

I looked for things she could do to pass time in the hospital. I had gathered that she loves animals.

I found the entire alphabet that was done in this neat style like above, with animals of that letter inside, HERE. I get it that coloring sheets are generally meant for children, but I really did think these were more adult and truly pretty! The description even described them as "challenging." I put them all in the clipboard above with a ribbon to hang in her room.

The rest of the package included a big box of colored pencils for the coloring, some Emergen-C packets- I love this stuff! Anyone else ever used it? It really is helpful for energy and keeping from getting sick! There was also several of the matchbook notebooks I like to make and one of my roll-up totes. :)

And  this is the fun stuff I got from the swapper who mailed to me, Brittany Michelle from The Sapphire Bee. Some pretty lavender soap- truth be told, I seriously never buy fancy bath products, so this is a treat :) Some cherry chocolates that were super yummy! I had told her in an email that I like green tea, and there were several packets of it, too :) Also a discount code to use in her shop- she really does have some cute things she sells! 

Fun opportunity to get to know new people and help each other have a fun Valentines! :)



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