Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Doesn't Always Have to Be White

It seems like everyone's wishin' for Spring about now... and we are no exception!
Alas, there is still plenty of snow here at our Idaho home...
snow that has been around for awhile now, though.
Which means it's no longer capable of snowmen building or really even snow fort building.
But it's just about perfect for... spraying!

EDIT: Wouldn't ya know, almost as soon as I posted this post,
it started seriously snowing outside! And now we have a lot of new snow- boo! Oh well...

We've been doing this as a winter activity since I originally saw it at The Idea Room.
When there might not be anything else you can do in the snow, you  can still do this :)
It seems like every time we try it, we take it a bit further or find something new we can do with our color spray.

We started off just spraying at random, the boys filling in anything I sprayed :)

They especially liked the snake I made them and gave him some sweet "scales."
They also really liked just spraying, spraying, spraying in one spot to create a cool tie-dye look :)

About the time Ryder starting trying to dye the cat... I decided it was time for a different target...

And made one- literally! Then they had to stand back a ways from it and try to hit the bullseye.

Of course, in the process I had to try and capture the usual shots of my beautiful boys.
Being outside in the awesome snowy sunshine, I just couldn't resist... :)

Need something fun to do with your snow? Turn it colors!
Add food coloring to water in a dollar store spray bottle and you've got a new winter toy-
probably all things you have somewhere in your house right now.
You can send the kids outside for a change! :)

I know I can't resist doing this one with them- (I'm not overly good at resisting, am I? :P)-
Hope you have fun with it too!
And, who knows, maybe this activity will help the snow melt a little faster too ;)



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