Monday, February 25, 2013

Mason Jar Wine Glasses Tutorial

Who else out there loves Duck Dynasty?? We are definitely fans around here! (Maybe not so much a fan of the major over-abundance of Duck Dynasty gear you see in the stores, though... but that's another thought train all together!)

From the very first time I ever saw the Robertson clan drinking out of mason jar wine glasses during one of their characteristic family dinners, I knew I wanted to make some myself.  I love how these fun glasses turned out and they are super easy to make. 

You can find these popular glasses in several places,
including on the Duck Dynasty website for $15 each glass...
or you can make your own set for just a few bucks!

Dollar Tree seems to always have these glass candlesticks- not too tall, kinda chunky. I picked up six of them for $1 each. (Obviously!)  I also picked up two smaller mason jars there, and then decided that it would be silly to spend $6 on six jars when I could buy a case of them for $8 :) I chose the narrow mouth kind- I think they're just easier to drink out of. :)

I went to my husband for advice on how to adhere the candlesticks to the jars. I know all too well that hot glue and glass simply don't get along! I once tried to keep a cupcake stand together using these same type candlesticks and it just never did work out :P

Anyhow, Stephen recommended silicone. He uses it to build aquariums, which he turns around and fills with water, rock, fish, coral- the works. I know I can trust it to hold up! I did use this waterproof kind above because it was already in Stephen's silicone gun; although this kind: 

is surely cheaper, at only $2 or so a tube at Walmart, and will work great too. This style of silicone gun is also only a couple of dollars. I rather like cheap supplies that I end up having lots left over for other projects in the future!

So, with your jars, candlesticks, silicone and silicone gun gathered up, we are ready to go! Oh- I also didn't get them pictured with the rest above, but popsicle sticks are really handy too. I laid some newspaper on my work space (which, in my world, in also my dining room table!). The newspaper proved really handy- I did some practice squeezes with the silicone gun on it, and could wipe my fingertips and popsicle sticks on it too.

Turn your jar upside down and then run a bead of silicone around the smaller rim of your candlestick...

I used a popsicle stick at this point to make sure my bead of silicone was right on the outer edge of the candlestick, so that when pressed together, any excess would spill to the outside where I could swipe it off, instead of going to the inside, where I can't fix it but can still see it in there. Not a necessary step- the stuff is clear! I'm just picky sometimes! I also used my fingertips to clean the edge a bit- you can tell this one below needs it!

Then, turn your candlestick with the silicone on it upside down and stick them together! I didn't do any measuring of any kind here- just eyeballed what looked like the center of the bottom of the jar. Then I took my popsicle stick and cleared away the silicone that spilled out of the edge where the two meet...

Gave it a little pressure with my hand, then once I was done with all of them, I put some heavy books- some of my favorite heavy books, I might add ;)- on top to let sit for a couple of hours. This is probably not necessary either, just reassuring, I guess :)

After a few hours, I turned them over and let them sit upright for a few more hours. It is highly likely that these would be just fine to use after letting sit for just a short while, but you can really trust that you won't have any problems after 24 hours or so.

Ta da- aren't they fun?! My boys could hardly wait to drink out of them! I think they would be totally awesome at a holiday, or any, family dinner, even just your own sitting down to a nice meal. I actually love drinking out of fluted glasses just for everyday stuff- adds a little fancy to my day! These will make it so I can more now too- and the kids can have their own!

I wanted to be able to put them together as a gift, just for the fun of it. Don't have any occasion to give them for right now, but they would be a super cool gift if you did! I upcycled a noodle box- this one above- to put my glasses in for creating a redneck gift!

I cut a big strip of this camo fabric I already had to tie around the box- has to be camo to "redneckerize" it! Surely there is camo ribbon to be had out there to make it easier too :)

I loved this version, with a bottle of sparkling cider included!
If you were to add a Duck Dynasty DVD or something, this could be a sweet wedding gift!

I also replaced the cider with my other two glasses and that looked nice too- I tucked tissue paper down inside to stabilize it all. A little tag wrapped around one of the jar rims would top it off nicely! But I didn't get to that, because I had two little guys that were wanting to drink out of them for the fun of it...

Ryder says, "Coop, lets make the clink sound!" Cute cute! (Clearly, we enjoy Despciable Me, too) :)

And there you have it- your own Redneck Stemware or a conversation piece of a gift!

EDIT: I've ran these through my dishwasher countless times now and they are holding up awesome! No sign at all of weakness at the silicone seam- gotta love when DIY goes right! :) Enjoy! You can also check out how I added a little Christmas flair to these HERE.



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