Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

I'd say we were blessed with happy boys and a big 'ole mess :)
Glad to all be together and everyone really liking and being grateful for what they got.
Joyful Day.

Stephen got two new guns and I got some awesome goodies too :) This cutter and the camera I took all these pictures with. I'm excited to be using them both more!

After naps and some chill time, we went out to shoot the new guns (Taron got one also). Stephen lost his youngest dog in the process, but rather miraculously found her the next day.

Stephen and I out in the pretty light- I love us :) And me and Ryder (with his beloved new Buzz and Woody) below in the pickup waiting- it was cold so we stayed in a fair bit!

We had given the boys each a Nerf gun and the gotten ourselves an even bigger version so we could have some sweet battles! Very last thing on Christmas Eve we realized we'd gotten the wrong size batteries for our larger guns... so the battle waited until Christmas night, then we all strapped flashlights to our guns or put on headlamps and turned out all the lights in the house for a really fun battle! I'll be finding little blue foam bullets around the house for the rest of my life I daresay!

Hope your Christmas was awesome too!



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