Thursday, December 19, 2013

15 Winter Boredom Busters for Kids

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This month #myfavoritebloggers and I are each sharing a WINTER idea-
lots of talent right here in one stop:

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My mind went to indoor boredom buster activities when it came to winter- it can get frustrating not being able to just go outside and ride bikes or jump on the tramp for my little guys I know! I scrolled down memory lane... or the archives here at this little blog... and gathered several ideas for having simple fun at home this winter!

Fun with Aqua Gems- these are so cool!

KaPow! Jump and Hit Game... seems too simple but they love it, even now that they're a little older!

Homemade Window Finger Paint- paint from the inside when it's cold

Blanket Forts- the eternally cool boredom buster :)

And, ya, this just looks like a big ole' mess... but it's actually a "store." Cooper went around the house and gathered all sorts of stuff, piled it smack in our living room and then had me go to my bag and dig out spare change to come to his own little "yard sale." It ended up being really fun!

Felt Campfire Pattern

I love this adorable felt campfire tutorial from my friend Heather over at Twin Dragonfly Designs! This could turn into a whole pretend indoor camping adventure- boredom solved!

A few others I don't have pics for for but really like the idea of:

Sing Karaoke and/or have a Dance Party in the Living Room (we LOVE dance parties!)

Play Dress-Up (My boys think this is particularly cool when I join them)

Get in the Bathtub and mix up some bath paint- shaving cream with  a few drops of food color!

Write/ Draw and Send a letter or picture to a grandparent or cousin

For even more great winter boredom solutions, check out this Ten Cures for Cabin Fever post I love from my friend Carlee over at Ladybird Lane!

Here's the talented gals sharing with you today- I feel so blessed to be in their company!

From left to right, top to bottom: Sky from Creative Capital B, Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, Melanie from It Happens in a Blink, Amy from One Artsy Mama, ChiWei from 1 Dog Woof, Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me, Kadie from Seven Alive, Bethany from Pitter and Glink, Kara from Happy Go Lucky, Lauren from Thinking Closet, Tara from Suburble, Nancy from Do Small Things with Love, Meredith Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, and Kirsten from One Tough Mother

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You know, this post got me thinking... I used to share a lot more kid stuff here and I'd really love to again. My boys are less entertained by my creative antics as they maybe used to be, but still, they ARE nonetheless. They have certainly not outgrown the desire to do projects and creative things with me yet. They will soon enough and I don't want to be worrying about what wreath is hanging on my door instead of mixing up homemade play dough for them, ya know? Just sayin'... kid stuff may very well be something you see more of soon! :) Thanks for stopping in today!



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