Friday, December 20, 2013

Super Quick and Easy Gifts... Popcorn and More with Printable Tags

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Today is Cooper's last day of school before the Holiday Break! I'm so excited to have all the boys together for a long while- kinda feels like Christmas season can actually begin now! With today being the last day, I sent him out the door with his teacher gifts in tow (Ryder also took his to preschool yesterday). I'm so glad that they both enjoy gifting too- they were thrilled with the cute, easy gift "baskets" we put together. To create them, I got to shop at Target for hot chocolate, gourmet popcorn and beef jerky (hard life, I know) ;) 

Slim Jim, Swiss Miss and Orville Redenbacher's... sounds like a pretty great combo, eh? :) When I thought of those three items together originally, I thought they just seemed fun- they're things that are just generally mean a good time, ya know? :) So I created some fun tags to add to the gifts: "Make Sure to ENJOY your Holiday!" Seriously, teachers have got to be some of the most fried people on earth, right? :) No doubt they are just as excited and ready for a break as the kids! I added some fun little goodies in with the treats- things that I thought might be rejuvenating and fun.

These products were meant to make for really easy gift giving, so I put together four different sizes and complexities of "baskets"- whether you're done shopping and have some time to be creative or have yet to even start, there's an option that will work for you here! The coupon links will help too: 

First- super easy, super fast, still super cute :) I didn't even open these boxes of goodies- just wrapped them with a yummy body wash and added the tag- could not have been faster or easier, for real. I love that big chunky bow too :) Even if you totally spaced a gift you needed, this would be one you could totally throw together in the front seat of you car in the Target parking lot and off you go! Print and cut the tags before you head to the store though, k? :)

This mid size option is the one Cooper had in hand for his own teacher. He just loves her and she seems to really get him- I've felt really blessed that he has her this year. He wrote his own little note and highlighted the words in pink crayon because her said it was her favorite color- cute cute cute!

I found this glitter box with a ribbon handle in the Dollar Spot at Target- all the extra pieces in these gifts I was able to grab there without any headache at all. I'm kinda gettin' into glitter more lately- not the usual for this boy mama, but I'm liking it! Gotta add a little feminine flair around here somehow ;) Any way... Coop picked these earrings himself and we added them to the jerky, popcorn and cocoa- for this basket I did open each of the large boxes and add only a portion. There's also some glittery nail polish and body wash included :) He loved it and I have no doubt she will too!

This red glittery tin (also from the Dollar Spot) is the one Ryder gave his teacher yesterday. I think it might be my personal favorite :) Inside are the treats, along with nail polish and some refreshing lip balm. I hole punched and tied the tag to the handle- another easy gift done!

Gotta love when a gift is simple and easy, but also really does hit the mark- you want the recipient to know that you really care and are thinking of them, not just that you grabbed the first thing you saw on the shelf, ya know? I really felt like this combo of products was able to do that with all of the teachers we were gifting to- pretty rare to hit so many birds with one stone so to speak. :)

This last one I just put together because I had the whim to try it. These Slim Jim boxes that the jerky came in are just a cute size- the pointy top of them tears off completely and I decided it could be it's own little upcycled gift box... just wrapped it in wrapping paper (which may or may not be spread across the floor of my front room anyway). It was the perfect fit for just one packet of popcorn, two cocoa envelopes and a few little sticks of jerky, along with a packet of cute paper straws from the Dollar Spot...

Tied the tag on with some twine and done!

Easy, effective gift giving done-
you rock ;)

Thanks for being here and have an awesome weekend!



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