Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Affordable Neighbor Gift: Dinner in a Mug

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Today I'm back with my friend Emily from The Benson Street to share some inexpensive, quick neighbor gift ideas for Christmas! This month we went to Dollar Tree... and tried to get some creative juice flowing in the busy aisle, all while Cooper and Ryder buzzed back and forth needing feedback- ha! Emily is so cool to deal with my lack of organization when we get together! :) 

We decided we'd get some $1 mugs and create a neighbor gift inside of them, then both offer a printable tag to go with. Aren't her tags below cute cute cute?!

For mine, I chose a kinda wider, larger size mug at the store- it actually almost seems like a bowl. It got my wheels turning. One thing I had already been thinking about was:

What problem could I actually solve for our neighbors this month?

I decided that I could just maybe fit dinner into that simple one dollar mug. December seems to always mean lots of things going on, lots of needs to care of, lots to think about. At least this simple gift can solve the dinner dilemma!

With the mug being just one dollar, I went to Walmart and bought this soup mix for $3- it honestly is really good too- and a roll of easy crescent rolls. This is a super fast and easy meal, that's also honestly good "soul food" ya know? :)

I know there are nights that if I were to open my pantry and realize I had these on hand after all, I'd be relieved and grateful! They won't go to waste I daresay :) I added these printables, that I kinda hoped looked a bit like warmer sleeves:

'The hustle and bustle can be fun for sure,
but life still goes on between shopping and stores.
So this year we thought a quick dinner might do,
A very Merry Christmas from our family to you!"

Simple rhyme, I'm kinda goofy like that :)

Because you can't print tags that would be long enough to wrap around this wide mug, I tied or taped them on with some festive baker's twine. I think I preferred the hole punched ones that looped over the handle :)

There is a bit of space left at the bottom to write in your own name :)
You can print a sheet that has two tags of each color HERE :)

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Hopefully this will be something you can use and enjoy too! It snowed here earlier this week, so I'm really getting into the holiday spirit! :)


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