Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Water Gun Targets!

Because I don't know how long we'll be without internet service at our new house, I thought I'd schedule my water gun targets post that I shared awhile back at Homespun ThreadsThis is a great project to help you switch it up in your own backyard! 

Last summer I got pretty tired of being on the receiving end of Coop's water gun. So, I had the thought to create some simple targets for him to aim at instead! 

I used the Sweet Cakes Kit from Summertime Designs to cutesify some basic free clip art and simple letters for him to learn (M for Mom, G for Grandpa/ Grandma, D for Dad, etc.). If you want to create your own, anything that your child is interested in would work- the possibilities for what to aim at are endless! If you want a faster option, you can click the links below to download the animal and letter versions that I created. Then print on card stock!

Animal Water Gun Targets (preying mantis, bee, snake, bear and monsters)

Other materials you'll need:
clear Contact Paper
packaging tape
something solid and sturdy to adhere your targets to
(jugs or bottles of water, large buckets, tall wooden dowels, etc.)

Laminating the sheets also works great. This year, my friend suggested Contact Paper and I thought I'd try it since I hadn't ever used it in a project before! It was easy to work with and cost $6 for the whole roll, which, you'll see, I have a ton of still! 

One of our favorite ways to play with our targets is a game called "Mr. Fox." I set the targets up all over the yard, then sit somewhere in the middle with Ryder (who doesn't play along too well yet). Cooper runs around asking "Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox, what time is it?" I respond with "Time to shoot the (insert specific target here)." So, if I wanted him to find the letter C, I'd answer, "Time to shoot the C!" and he would run around the yard until he found the right letter and shoot his water gun at that one. This is also fun on the tramp, with the targets perched all around.

I hope this is an idea you can use and enjoy in one way or another! I now make a new set of targets each summer, so check back for more new versions coming soon!


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