Saturday, June 18, 2011

Everything Changes...

For the past eight years,
from when Taron and Keaton were the little ones
scampering along the sidewalk, to now
Cooper and Ryder soaking up the sights and sounds,
we've taken the boys to the Western Days parade
the first weekend of June in Twin Falls.

It's a lot of boring local advertising and collecting of useless fliers...
but it's been tradition.

I scheduled this post a few days ago
because today we are making our
very. last. load.

We won't be going to the Twin Falls parade anymore.

Or having Friday night game nights with Gardners.

Or talking across the fence with Lynn or Gail or Kyla.

Or heading to Russ' for that missing tub of sour cream.

But, there will be other parades...
and hopefully beside family members that are now much closer.

And our "make it happen" attitudes won't allow
get togethers with Gardners to ever really come to an end.

We actually won't mind not having neighbors
right across the fence...
especially if they aren't Lynn or Gail or Kyla.

And there will be a new small town market
that carries  forgotten staples at high prices.

Everything Changes...

and Stays the Same...

thank heaven,
'cuz I like traditions.


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