Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Simple Backpack Strap Holder with Duck Tape

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Walmart for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Is there such a thing as a backpack strap STRAP? Not really, right? I confess, I'm not quite sure what to call this nifty little Duck Tape® creation, I just know that it is indeed... nifty! :)

I picked up some Duck Tape® from Walmart to create this super simple, useful little strap holder- a cool back-to-school tool! It's not much at all, but it really is handy for kiddos!

Little people and big backpacks don't go together so well, ya know? The straps want to fall off their shoulders- Ryder specifically struggles with this because he's small. He gets frustrated and just wants to ditch the backpack, but with this strap holder to help, he was loving it and wore this little cinch backpack I had made him most of the afternoon.

Most parents at one time or another, for one thing or another, will be at Walmart for back to school items at some point in the next week, maybe even the next hour! (Do you ever think about the number of times you go into a Walmart in a given week- I know we do lots!) And you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart in all kinds of awesome varieties. There are several spots around the store that make it so quick to include fun printed Duck Tape® in your shopping!

Once you've picked your favorite roll (it won't be easy, of course- there's so many adorable prints!), you can whip up this simple tool for helping your little people keep their backpacks on easier in no time at all...

Just tear a strip of Duck Tape® about 10-12" long or so and fold it in half length-wise, sticky side together. At this point I have to say- holy easy! Creating the effect you just did with fabric is a heckuva lot more time consuming that sticking the sticky sides together! Yet again, Duck Tape® Rocks!

Now just attach a small bit of velcro to the opposite side of each end of your tape strip to create a loop, like above. I did sew right through my velcro onto the Duck Tape® without too much of a headache. BUT, if you have the adhesive kind, by all means, use it instead! I knew that my sewing machine needle needed changed as it was, so I was willing to sew this on, and it worked fine, but I won't be able to sew fabric again with that same needle now- it's too sticky! All considered, that's totally a good thing though, ya know? :)

In no time flat, you have a great little tool to help your little back-to-schooler...

Couldn't be any easier and even at that, it's honestly adorable I think!

Duck Tape® Rocks... and, I know, I already said that :) We just really do like the stuff around here. Taron thinks of it as a survival tool! It's fun to follow @TheDuckBrand on social media for more awesome ideas too- they're aways sharing something that makes me think, Wow!  :) Happy back to school shopping!


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