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Everyday Super Hero Photo Display

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Ya know when you hear a saying and it just kinda grabs you?
A good quote or simple phrase that you think, "Oooh, I like that!"

That was totally the case with this quote above from the brand new Disney Super Buddies movie! I was sent an advance copy of this funny, family show and it has already become the boys' most requested :) You can get it on Blu-Ray combo pack August 27th- only a few more days!

Your kids will likely recognize the characters from previous Buddies movies. In this new one, the puppies activate nifty super powers and have all kinds of laughable charades keeping the town safe from the bad guy who wants their source of power :) They learn several helpful rules as they learn to use their new powers, one of which was this:

Super heroes like the ones we think of wearing tights and capes are almost never who we most admire FOR REAL though, right? Granted, I do think it's pretty cool that Batman just uses gadgets and presence to fight major evil... but I'm far more awed and heart-warmed when I see my husband being tender with the boys, or my Dad legitimately enjoying his grandkids. THEY are the real super heroes in my life. And, indeed, they have no super power in the usual sense. 

I thought a cool way to use this great quote from the Super Buddies movie would be to create a photo display board for the boys to recollect good memories with their real super heroes! I really love how this turned out!  

I added photos to my finished display board two ways- one with some colorful washi tape to give it a lil' kick and also tucked under a matching piece of parachute cord- I honestly really like them both :)

To make this project yourself:

Start with a basic piece of wood. I bought this one pre-cut and pre-drilled for just under $3. But, an entire length of 2"x10" board like this would only cost about that much as well and you could have it cut for free right at the store if you ask. The holes would require just a basic drill bit, or may not even be necessary at all if you chose a different type of hanger. :)  

I cut my vinyl stencil out using my trusty Cricut. I created the text using an old version of SCAL I have, though I know various online cutting tools are better options. Peel your vniyl the opposite of what you normally would- leaving the outer part and removing the letters themselves. Then use contact paper (or masking tape) to apply the stencil to your board.

With the vinyl stuck on and rubbed to make sure it's adhered well, use a smaller size foam brush to paint in the open letter spaces. Once it's dry, peel the vinyl off carefully.

Next run a sander over the edges and face of the whole thing to give it a bit of distress. Just press lightly- the letters looks so cool that way, eh?! After sanding and wiping off the sawdust, I took a plain black stamp pad and ran it around the edges of my board also. Doing this with a colored stamp pad would surely have looked good too :)

Last thing just add a hanger of some kind to your board. I used gray parachute cord and tied basic square knots through my drilled holes at the top. A sawtooth hanger would be super simple if you don't chose to drill holes :)

To attach the parachute cord that would hold my pictures at the middle of the board, I got a lil' redneck! I used duct tape to attach the ends to the back where it would go unseen. This made it so I could make the cord nice and tight for tucking pictures under without it being permanent. This stage isn't necessary at all if you chose to use washi tape to display your photos.

With the cord part all done, I printed a couple of pictures of my boys' real life super heroes and tucked them in. These awesome men sure do make me smile! This would make a really fun gift for a new Dad or Father's Day or Christmas for Grandpa!

I love how this project turned out! This quote is one of several from the Disney Super Buddies movie that are just really good things for kids to hear. This other super hero rule above was another one of my favorites. :)

Your family will not be disappointed watching this movie. I can't even tell you how often I've had the thought as we're watching a show, 'I wish it didn't include that or wouldn't have said that.' We cringe way too often when it comes to media and our kids, right?? Well, Super Buddies is not that way at all! It's so refreshing to hear the boys laughing out loud at true kid humor. Nothing too adult for them to understand or inappropriate in the least- this is just truly a fun flick!

Maybe it'll prompt you to smile about your real life super heroes too :)

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