Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Simple Back to School Teacher Stickers Gift

Back to School time it is! This year I've gotten lucky and Cooper doesn't start school until September 3. And Ryder will be starting preschool September 10- they are both so excited!

They recently helped me with a super simple gift to give their teachers. I had spotted these really cute reward stickers at Dollar Tree and had the thought that they would be something a teacher could honestly use- my favorite kind of gifts! So I grabbed a whole bunch and whipped up this tag to share with you! (Any of you teachers? I'd love to know what your actual favorite thing to get is!) 

I'm feeling a love/hate relationship with the back-to-school issue this year, honestly. Last year, I cried and cried on Coop's first day of kindergarten. But, this year, I confess, I think I might be more okay with school starting again. Is that horrible to admit?! He just seems kinda bored no matter what I do. And that usually means frustrating interaction between the two of them it seems. :/ Now, dropping Ryder off at preschool for the first time might be a different story- that's my baby! Our summer has been so full and so fun! But school will be a good improvement of pace too I think :)

Anyhow, back to this gift... I stacked five or six packs of stickers together and covered the top label portion with a strip of cute patterned paper. Then I attached the tag with a strand of baker's twine.

As another option if you don't want to go so far as the strip of paper:

Just tape the packages together and tie a cute ribbon around. Or even cute tape the way around would've been fun :) Some things are harder to package cute than others, ya know, but I was happy with how these turned out and they were so very simple!

I sized the tags so that there was room for the boys to write or draw themselves. Cooper's handwritten notes always warm my heart and I hope they will his teacher too. (Couldn't you just die over kids' sounded out spelling?!)  He wrote, "I'm excited for an awesome first grade." (Kinda) :)

So here's the tag to click and save, then insert into your document program to print:

Add some cutie reward stickers, or stamps etc, and you've got a super simple, cute gift for back-to-school night or the first day of school :) Hopefully this can be something fast that you can use- Enjoy and best wishes in getting your own kiddos back to school!  



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