Thursday, June 9, 2011

For These Last Days

Do you ever look at your kids and just have it hit you that, indeed, they have been saved for these last days? I sure do! Yesterday we celebrated Taron's 13th birthday! He is now a teenager! And I couldn't help but think multiple times through the day (as I've often thought before) that he has been saved, that he is as good as they come.

During the day we played around making homemade goo and making a moderate mess across the dining room. The boys all really enjoyed it- so did I! Taron was totally fascinated by mixing two parts corn starch to one part water... if you haven't ever tried it, you should! It is so interesting to see what our friend, high school physics teacher, Steve, calls "sliquid." Meanwhile, Ry was enjoying the road I made him across the living room out of flattened moving boxes.  :)

Then later in the evening we had our usual friends and neighbors over for a backyard bbq. Taron had requested tri-tip and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Stephen has become a grilling genius on our new grill and did not disappoint yet again! I secretly filled the cupcakes with cream cheese filling too- yum! Taron took three and I'd say the little boys enjoyed them too...

As we hung out and visited (and tried not to freeze), Taron was playing and wrestling with his brothers and friends on the tramp. This picture below just makes me smile so proudly! Taron is such a phenomenal older brother- he really does awesome with the little boys and Keaton too. I know that this young man was saved. Saved for these trying times. I have faith in him to become whoever, whatever he wants to be! Thanks, Taron, for all you add to our family when you are here! We love you!


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