Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Momentous Occasions

I have been wanting to take Cooper to the library for
the. longest. time.

And finally we live in a place that we are actually in the library district. Both the boys were so happy walking in with their backpacks, enthralled by everything they saw! It was really fun picking out books about amphibians, motorbikes and more. Absolutely a weekly activity for us from now on! Afterward we went to a fun little spot called Downtown Bread for $1 ice cream cones :)

Another new hot spot for us is Jensen's Grove- a fun little part of the Snake River right next to interstate in town. The water drops of really slowly and is very temperate. There's also great sand and grass. Cooper happily announced while he played, "It's fun here!" He calls his water wings his "swim puffers!" 

Coop's had a bit of a tough time adjusting to a new sunbeam class and to not having Lynn for a neighbor and a few other random things that make him say he "wants to just go back to Eden,"
so I'm grateful for things that make him, and Ryder both, love it here too.


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