Monday, September 29, 2008

Focused on Preparedness-Weekend Goings On

We spent this last weekend at home and had Keaton with us for the first time in quite a while. Taron stayed in Pocatello so he could go to his football team's end of season party. We're looking forward to having them both for a long weekend this next one. On Saturday morning, Stephen worked on filling up our water storage barrels while the boys played around the yard and I finished the pears I had been canning...

Along this line, I've decided yet again that when I grow up I want to be my Mom. She came over last week for a day to help me with the pears and I ended up having to leave before we got very far. She did nine quarts in an hour and a half. I then spent the following two evenings and did only 13 quarts! Everything she does, she does well. Someday I hope I'm like that, or at least a little closer to it than I am now! I sure appreciate you Mom. :)

I've been really nervous about needing to be prepared for tough times- it's getting pretty clear that the need for home storage is imminent. I think it would be the worst feeling in the world to have the shelves at the stores be empty and look in my own pantry and know that I'm not prepared, or to look out across our property and not have planted a garden (that's our next big project to plan for), all when we had the time, the resources and the warning. So, at any rate, it felt good to get our water barrels ready and such.

Coop has been loving this little play mower lately- he pushes and pulls it all over the place. I love him in cute winter hats and it was just cool enough to need it during the morning. Also gotta laugh at the hat hair afterwards!

For the rest of the day Saturday, Stephen and Keaton went into the South Hills to do some sage grouse hunting, while Cooper and I stayed home and napped/ attempted to scrapbook/ made dinner. I love the feeling of days like that- I love being home. Hope all of our friends and family had a good weekend too!


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