Monday, July 19, 2010

Camping at Mackay

We spent this last weekend camping at the Mackay Reservoir with our great friends the Gardners! It was fun to make new memories at a beautiful place that I already have so many great ones!

We opted to try out the tent trailer that Stephen ended up with in a trade and it was actually really fun! It made the nights much nicer and Coop thought it was the coolest thing ever! We also cruised down to Arco Saturday morning for the Atomic Days parade- the kids all loved it. Was good to get see my family for that little bit too.

Ry was so cute in his sun hat!

Our family on the beach (or the rocks, however you want to look at it!) The beach that is close to the dam that I remember most as a kid was underwater so we found a good rocky spot with some shade instead. It was such a relief to get in the water and the swimming was a blast with all the kids, even Ryder!

Yes, indeed that is a skunk! We were playing in the water when this little guy showed up not too far from us! Yikes!

Stephen got another chance to use his pontoon boat and sat Cooper in the rack with him- they had a blast on the water! The fishing was really good and we cooked up the "rainbow fish" with dinner! Don't you love Coop's version of a thumbs up in this pic? :)
Thanks Steve, Monica, Nathaniel and Andrew for a great time and being so comfortable to do things with! No foiled intentions, distance or wind storm can bring us down, eh? ;)
It was great to get out camping and we're excited for more to come this summer!



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