Saturday, July 10, 2010

Six Years!

"Six years ago on this very day
you and I both chose some pretty important words to say.

I Do and I Do and a quick, happy kiss
and we started creating our own brand of bliss!

Since then desires, demands and more
can make it tough to just stop and adore.

With all of the stuff that gets in the way,
I'd say it's time we took a mini vacay..."

And so began the little treasure hunt I sent Stephen on this morning to find his Anniversary gift! The treasure was tickets to a Toby Kieth and Trace Adkins concert in Boise later this month- the two singers he loves! I've had them for a long time now and have been frothing at the bit for our anniversary to come so I could give them to him!

And check out these amazing roses he gave me! They are making our whole house smell yummy!
Thanks, Stephen for being such a great husband and friend- six years and counting for a long, long time to come and through eternity! I love you Babe!



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